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 san francisco Mazagine honors

A Premier Bay Area Lifestyle Magazine, with a circulation of 75,000 , 
and a readership of 300,000. A huge achievement for my first year in 
business. CHEERS!!


                 "Shoe Repair"

You are a winner of the "best of the best"!

Our editorial staff has diligently scoured the bay for businesses that exceed all expectations and standout within their category.

best of the best

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       Shoe Repair - 1339 Polk Street - 415-349-3841 

Shoe Repair hustles hard for your business. So hard, it's possibly the city's only cobbler shop with an "Early Bird Special" : 30% off any job brought in between 7 and 10 am. First Timers get half off, and repeat customers can utilize a frequent flyer program. Don't let all of these deals make you think that Shoe Repair is doing shoddy work. The Shop guarantees all repairs.



Shoe Repair 

1339 Polk St. San Francisco, CA. After only one year in business, was awarded as the Best Cobbler in San Francisco, by San Francisco Magazine; a well-renowned high end magazine, with circulation of 75,000 and a readership of over 350,000. This exclusive magazine is devoted to the people, culture, food, politics, and arts of the San Francisco Bay Area. 

My  passion for quality and excellence has driven me  from the beginning, and continues to drive me  into the future.

I fully realize every customer  is very special  and strives daily to make the entire shoe repair experience a rewarding and fun adventure on every ocasion.

five star reviews on google

Don’t Take Our Word For It


I would recommend this place 110%. The gentleman at the counter was warm and welcoming and the service was unreal. Had my shoes re-heeled in 20 mins and he also cleaned then up which was excellent as I needed them that day and they looked branded new. So thank you for that :

Ashley Douglas


I almost never wrote reviews in here but today something changed my mind. To be exact the guy named James, who turned my old and ugly shoes into sparkling new! They were discolored and torn. This is pure magic! I have been told in other places that I’d better throw them away, but James gave them new life! Thank you!

Tatiana Grebennik


James is amazing! He bends over backwards for every single customer, is FAST and efficient, and does a damn good job. I had no idea he could give my boots new life! After I picked up my first pair, I brought him another 4 pair of shoes. I will refer James to everyone I know. He is outstanding. Also, he texts you when theyre ready! Sooo convenient. I would hang out with James

Hannah Schnider


I couldn't believe my luck by getting to know James of SHOE REPAIR today!  I was heartbroken to find that my new Pup had chewed half-way thru the strap on my BRAND NEW DANSKO MARYJANES!!  I called SHOE REPAIR and James assured me it was no big deal and to come on in (perfect directions)  I brought the shoe in, he looked at it and again told me it was a simple repair and to give him a half hour...WOW I came back, the job so well done you couldnt even spot the repair!  AND he shined my shoes and only charged me HALF of the repair cost as i was a new customer.  I will absolutely be a return customer--YOU ROCK JAMES!!  Thank you so very much!

Kristi Banks



Five Star Reviews on Google and Yelp

James was the original shoe repairman for Nordstroms when they opened their first store in Washington. He is an artist, super professional and incredibly sweet. When he gives me back my shoes, I feel as though, I just bought them.

Go there and you'll never go anywhere else.


christine krenos

Five Star Review on Facebook & Instagram

James is MAGIC! Not only is he talented and efficient, he is a very kind human who treats his customers like gold! 

James, you are the gold standared in customer service AND humankindness.



Five Star Review on Yelp

James provided great fast service and solutions for a too short strap on a beloved small bag. It's great he's open so early! Thanks James! We will be back and telling our friends!

The Shoe Smith

By P.K. Saulsby

One day in late summer or early fall of .2018, I stepped into a new shoe repair shop at 1339 Polk Street. After perusing the shop and conversing with it's owner, I then  left vowing to come back, because l was quite impressed with the shop's surroundings. Later after becoming a regular customer of this establishment, one day my eyes suddenly stopped and was caught by a frame near the door, near the counter top. Gazing at the words inside the frame, I saw poetry / spoken word. I was changed by its message and inspired to challenge it's beauty with my own tribute. To the profound artistry of the main attendant.

Scented leather, cloth that has been 

pinched, pressed, pummeled and caressed, by hands that surrender them into their unique brand of wholeness

Walled shoes (heels, pumps, boots, and other inanimate fashionistas) 

"stand perched" ready to debut their restored freshness, and to parade, run-way style, gliding in glee, creating a blueprint for showcasing.

Those articles eclipsed only by the rollers of steel the majestic mesh gray syncopating foot cycles that are honed and toned for speed .One pairs' frame has been stroked by chalk white paint.

It's starkness so daunting because its frame has been abridged by dainty stitching of a soft delicate cranberry red piping .                                                            Another pair is the color 'Fierce' a, vibrant flush dynamics of a' Blader.' 

This pair, most nights, are gently tugged down from their   uniformed shelf space to run curves and to zoom with sequences of movement  for pure fun and frolic   . In flagrant flight ,undaunted, they flirt with the precision of a stride that is in  its element.

THE OLFACTORY'S crisp mist permeates it's pungent fragranced but blended vapor and funnels it through-out every carved plank of wood, and every molded slate of steele into the aged and colorless concrete walls that makes up Workman's space.

Shoulders slightly lifted, arched forward; neck tenses, then relaxes; eyes gaze upon hands grasping His trademark tool. The background from the tapestry and culture of rhythm, beats and notes and sometime lyrics.  and the steady rapping of the COBBLERS' HAMMER are fully immersed.

Now as his breathing collide with the orchestra's-like tapping movement ,both are solaced with the intensity of completion.


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