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Welcome to your shoe repair

Located at 1051 Bush Street in San Francisco, Ca. 94109

Shoe Repair Hours 

Tuesday  -   6am  to 6pm

Wednesday - 6am to 5pm

Thursday - 7am to 7pm

Friday - 7am to 7pm



Complete and Total Shoe Service, where ALL REPAIRS ARE GUARANTEED!

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Shoe Repair Online is a Shoe Service Online Store, offering our first-rate service products and exceptional customer service to shoppers from the comfort of their own homes.We offer fast service and competitive prices.​ We’re a business made up of innovators and forward-thinkers, in the Nob Hill area of San Francisco, at 1051 Bush Street, between Leavenworth and Jones Street. If you live in our neighborhood, feel free to stop by anytime for any repair. First time customers get their first repair at 20% off the normal price, and other discounts offered when paying in advance.  Customers are our greatest assets. All repairs are finished immediately and completely guaranteed.

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Five star reviews on yelp

My Customers Are Awesome, Incredible and Very Outstanding


James understood that my shoes were designer and needed a suitable sole replacement.  He went online with me and searched for what the original sole looked like and then found a similar style to replace them with. 

The service was fast and priced right.  I will only come here for any future shoe issues.

Jeff Welch

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James is amazing.  Brought over five pair of boots (Saint Laurent & Jimmy Choo) for repair yesterday and he fixed all of them overnight.  Every pair is in great condition, which is a lot to say coming from me who fixed over 200 pairs of shoes in the last ten years.  Also there is an early bird promotion (30% off). Great value, great service and over night. What more can you ask for?!!! So excited to find James who will be my go to guy now after moving to SF.

Jen Wang

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Wow! I knew my shoes would look better but when I got home and took my shoes out of the bag they look brand spankin' new! There were scuffs on the shoes-as if I was kicking rocks- and they are all gone! James gives great service, best turnaround time within 48 hours & reasonable pricing. I will be back again for sure!

Benji Pow